Kind words from some of the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

“Melanie isn’t just a great writer, she’s also a tremendous listener. The write up that she did for me was both professional and personal, and far beyond what I could have put together to represent myself. Melanie is also a true professional and came to my rescue when I lost the write up that she had done for me. I would recommend her to anyone that needs polished online representation!”

-Zari M., mortgage banker

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Melanie from day one. She assessed and understood my needs right away and we were able to implement the work quicker than I had even anticipated. She is a talented content writer and truly works to understand the voice of her client and how to best meet the goals of the brand. I found that communication with Melanie was simple and effective and she is very organized in her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

-Jackie J., Kangen water and wellness advocate

“Melanie Pagan is a dream to work with. I consistently refer my own clients to her knowing that she will take the greatest care with all of their copywriting and social media needs. In addition to being especially talented when it comes to writing, she is a fantastic combination of highly professional and incredibly caring. I am so grateful to Melanie for the services she provides!”

-Devin Lee, online business manager

“Melanie’s dedication and passion for writing shine through her work. She’s creative, caring, and also very professional in managing projects that involve others. She’s a joy to work with.”

-John L., VIP Hospitality Group

“Melanie Pagan is phenomenal. Truly gifted with the art of spoken and written word, she keeps the magic alive in all of her ventures. For the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of working with Melanie, where I am always confident that she will deeply listen, understand, and perform the assignment with grace and efficiency. Everything Melanie touches turns to gold. Her work is excellent and I can only give her my highest recommendation.”

-Julie B., environmental scientist

“Melanie has been a dream to work with. She is hands-on and because of that, she truly knows what her client needs. A special bonus is how kind and caring of a person she is. Anyone working with Melanie is in good hands. Thank you for all you’ve done for my hotel and restaurant, Melanie!”

-Wendy M., Silverton Inn & Suites

“Melanie Pagan is a true professional in all aspects of the word. She was instrumental in the creation of my website during my 2015 run for a city council position. As my IT lead, she not only created my site, but she kept it fresh with ongoing upgrades and edits including but not limited to pictures, testimonials, newspaper stories, etc. She exhibits the whole package, with an amicable personality, a listening ear and competent skills honed from experience. She continues to raise the bar thus has no time for complacency. If chosen for your project, you will see a powerful product that is results-driven and won’t be disappointed.”

-Jerome D., retired battalion chief

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