Types of Successful Blogs to Post During COVID-19


I recently shared why business blogging is essential during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, let’s get into what type of content to post.

Currently, we as a society are being flooded with nerve-wracking news. Now is your chance to stand out and offer something different. When you post something more positive, uplifting, or useful to customers, you’re offering them a much-needed mental break. That may be something money can’t buy, but when your reader is ready to spend again, they’re likely to purchase things from you. Why? Because you gave them an uplifting experience when they needed it, and as I said in my previous blog post, business blogging is about selling a connection rather than a product.

So, think about what you can virtually offer consumers as we’re practicing social distancing. Here are six topics you can easily expand on.

  1. How-to tips and tutorials: These can work for almost any industry, whether it’s a restaurant sharing its recipe of a fan-favorite menu item or business coach discussing how to move services online.
  2. Your take on industry trends: Say you’re an interior designer. Anyone can find out top spring home design trends through a quick Google search, but how do those trends work for your area? Take a broad concept like this and relate it to your specific audience so you can a) capture their engagement b) demonstrate your local industry knowledge. (It’s a bonus if your readers can apply these concepts in their social-distancing downtime.)
  3. Success story: This is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the extra time past clients may have on their hands. Ask if you can interview a particularly memorable client on a project that had transforming results.
  4. Pros and cons: Think about the questions you get asked regarding products or services. Are you a home remodeler? Perhaps you can talk about the pros and cons of sliding glass doors versus French doors. Are you a caterer? Explain the benefits of a catered buffet versus plated dinner.
  5. Myth-busting: A myth-busting blog post is much more exciting than a static FAQ page. Take this time to dispel common myths of your industry, whether you’re a web developer sharing that small website changes aren’t always an easy fix or a lawyer explaining how you hardly handle cases in court.
  6. Offering solutions: Discuss a problem you can solve with some key tips, such as how to not get overwhelmed when organizing your home office, from the perspective of a professional organizer.

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