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It’s easy for brands to fall under the radar in the digital age, so reaching consumers with engaging, informed, and well-timed content across social media platforms is essential.

With my decade of experience and graduate-level understanding of digital journalism, I know just how vital social media is in connecting with consumers.

I also know how to produce attention-grabbing posts when audience members are most active on the web.

Here are some of my social media services:

Monthly Social Media Content Creation

What you receive:

  • A shared social media calendar of planned content for each month
  • Recommended posting days and times based on your social media insights

One-time Social Media Page Audit – $200

What you receive:

  • Assessment of content on one social media page of your choosing
  • Recommended edits to static content on social media page in Word document and future post types based on five most recent posts
  • Free list of relevant hashtags for future posting

Organic Follower Growth

What you receive:

  • Your posts updated with relevant hashtags
  • A document of relevant hashtags for your business
  • Monthly social media performance reports
  • Weekly engagement to attract and retain followers
  • Organic follower growth

Weekly Social Media Management

What you receive:

  • Creation and posting of weekly to social media platforms at optimum posting days and times
  • A shared calendar of planned content
  • Monthly social media performance reports
  • Weekly engagement with followers
  • Organic follower growth

Not sure if outsourcing social media is right for you? Here Here are 5 ways your brand benefits from a social media strategist.

All services are charged on a $60-per-hour basis unless otherwise noted.

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What clients are saying…

“Melanie Pagan is a dream to work with. I consistently refer my own clients to her knowing that she will take the greatest care with all of their copywriting and social media needs. In addition to being especially talented when it comes to writing, she is a fantastic combination of highly professional and incredibly caring. I am so grateful to Melanie for the services she provides!”

Devin Lee, certified online business manager and Dubsado specialist

“Melanie has been a dream to work with. She is hands-on and because of that, she truly knows what her client needs. A special bonus is how kind and caring of a person she is. Anyone working with Melanie is in good hands. Thank you for all you’ve done for my hotel and restaurant, Melanie!”

Wendy M., Silverton Inn & Suites

“Melanie’s dedication and passion for writing shine through her work. She’s creative, caring, and also very professional in managing projects that involve others. She’s a joy to work with.”

John L., VIP Hospitality Group