_MG_1216 (1)A selection of my published works:

A Passion for Paella, Gulfshore Business, August 2016
Fueling a Cleaner Solution, Gulfshore Business, June 2016
Leaps and BoundsGulfshore Business, November 2015
cover feature: Made for the MassesGulfshore Business, January 2017
Talking Change, Gulfshore Business, July 2016
The New GuardGulfshore Business, December 2015

Column & Opinion
Downtown DiaryGulf & Main (p. 80), Nov/Dec 2014
Downtown DiaryGulf & Main (p. 80), Jan/Feb 2015

cover feature:
2018 Face Awards, Gulfshore Business, March 2018
Islands StrongTimes of the Islands, July/Aug 2014

Fashion & Shopping
Falling for FashionGulf & Main (p. 26), Sept/Oct 2014
New-look Swimsuits for the Season, Gulfshore Life, December 2015

Food & Dining
6 indulgent vegan food joins in Portland you need to try, MapQuest Travel, February 2017
cover feature: Fire(fighters) in the KitchenGulf & Main (p. 34), Nov/Dec 2014
Something’s BrewingGulf & Main (p. 42) Nov/Dec 2014
Top 10 Portland eateries worth waiting in line for, MapQuest Travel, March 2017

Health & Wellness
Workplace WellnessGulfshore Business, December 2016

Beach BlissGulfshore Life, August 2015
Secrets SubmergedTimes of the Islands, Mar/Apr 2014

Home Design & Real Estate
What Your Money Will Buy…, Gulfshore Life, July 2019
One-of-a-Kind Statement Pieces for the Home, Gulfshore Life, July 2019
Is it a Buyer’s or Seller’s Market in Southwest Florida?Gulfshore Business, September 2015
Market Talk: Remodeling Means Clean FinishesGulfshore Life, June 2016
Market Talk: Southwest Florida Still a Hot Spot for CanadiansGulfshore Life, March 2016
Market Talk: Options in Upscale Real Estate, Gulfshore Life, April 2016

Are Living Wage Jobs Difficult to Find in Southwest Florida?Gulfshore Business, August 2015
How can Businesses Protect Themselves Against Charity Fraud?Gulfshore Business, July 2015
How is a Developing Doctor Shortage Affecting Southwest Florida?Gulfshore Business, June 2015
How is STEM Education Being Promoted in Southwest Florida?Gulfshore Business, October 2015

cover feature:
 A Family Man with a PlanGulfshore Business, May 2015
cover feature: A Positive VoyageGulfshore Business, May 2015
Getting to the GoalGulfshore Business, April 2015
High-Flying Bert, Times of the Islands, July/Aug 2014
Such Great HeightsTimes of the Islands, Sept/Oct 2014

5 Corners of Portland: Where to Find Your People and PlacesMapQuest Travel, April 2017
City of Roses, Place of DreamsRSW Living (p. 24), Jan/Feb 2015
Five Ways Not to Drive When You’re in Portland, MapQuest TravelMarch 2017
Portland Spots for Booze-Free FunMapQuest Travel, April 2017
Six indulgent vegan food joints in Portland you need to tryMapQuest Travel, February 2017
Top 10 Portland Eateries Worth Waiting in Line ForMapQuest TravelMarch 2017

Cool Apps, Gulfshore Business, July 2016
Tools of the Trade, Gulfshore Business, April 2016