Month: December 2022

How to Better Market Your Podcast Episodes

Have a podcast? Great. Then you also have your next blog post, a week’s worth of social media captions and more to boost your business.

The trick to easy, successful marketing is repurposing what material you already have. One transcribed podcast episode provides so much material to pull from.

With the podcast converted into text, you can:

  • Reformat the entire document into a blog to drive website traffic
  • Pull direct quotes and turn them into Instagram captions
  • Summarize the episode into a series of social media posts
  • Share key points and takeaways in a newsletter
  • Refer back to the text anytime you need more content inspiration
  • Have more material to cross-promote and link to

These are just a few of the ways my clients have benefited from my podcast-to-blog conversion service, but the options are really endless for small business owners who want to spend less time conceiving marketing content without sacrificing followers. Since your customers and target audience members only see a fraction of your posts, repurposing your existing content allows you to build thought leadership across multiple platforms with no extra effort.

Not a podcast host? You can reuse those webinars and recorded presentations you gave during COVID just as well, too. Let’s talk about what makes the most sense for your business. Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with me here.

What clients are saying…

I highly, highly recommend working with Melanie on this. Having her transcribe my podcasts was the foundation of my business blog for almost 2 years! She does a phenomenal job and is extremely fast.

-Melissa Barker, marketing consultant, speaker, best-selling author

This service from Melanie has been so incredibly helpful to have as both a podcaster & business owner. Thanks to Melanie’s work, we’ve seen sales growth & more opt-ins. I highly recommend working with her, and she does such an amazing job!

-Paige Kane, shaman, psychic, spiritual mentor